Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's
Client Feedback.....
“As I had been traveling all day
with a small child who was ill, I
was extremely distraught when
I arrived in your office, and she
helped calm me and efficiently
discovered a way to get us
- A.P., LaPorte, Texas
Feedback From DFW...
“Travelers Aid is a vital part of
the customer service fabric at
DFW, serving passengers who
are many times distressed or
experiencing difficult personal
circumstances. The
organization’s concern, caring
and compassion is
instrumental to the Airport’s
outreach to passengers, and its
staff provides services that
frequently cannot be found
anywhere else in the terminals.
We are a better place with
Traveler’s Aid here.”

Jeff Fegan
Former CEO - DFW
International Airport
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth
Can I get help from cities outside of the DFW area?  
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is not a statewide office.  Our assistance is
limited to residents in the immediate DFW area and passengers at DFW Airport
and the ITC.
2.  I came here to get a job and don't like it here and want to return home.  Will you
buy my ticket?
Most likely no.  Travel assistance from Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth has an    
emergency travel need component that must be met.  Unfortunately we do not
have the funds available to fund general travel.
3.  What kind of transportation assistance do you provide?
Our transportation assistance is provided by Greyhound bus.
4.  Do you have gas vouchers?
No.  There are no agencies in the DFW area that provide gas vouchers for
travel outside of the DFW area that we are aware of.
5.  I don't have the money to get home can you help me?
Like question number 2 above, unless there is an emergency situation involved,
that would be considered general travel.  Each case is evaluated on an
individual basis by our Case Manager.
6.  How long do you keep lost and found items?
Lost and found items are kept for 30 days during which time we try to locate the
owner and reunite them with the item.  The items are assigned an inventory
number and are recorded in a database.
7.  What happens to lost and found items after you have kept them?
Items still in inventory after 30 days are considered to be in a "salvage" status.
They are sold, or discarded.
8.  Do you handle lost and found for the whole airport?
Yes and No.  We receive items from all security check points as well as the general
airport grounds.  We also receive items from Skylink and all airport shuttles including
parking and rental car shuttles.  Items lost in general areas of terminals A, B, and C
will go to American Airlines Lost and Found.
9.   What about food left in a lost item?
Food left in bags or other lost items will be discarded when we receive the item for
health and sanitation reasons.  Soiled dishes/containers with food on/in them are
also discarded unless they can be easily cleaned and dried.
10.  My friend doesn't speak English - can you help them?
Yes.  Through the Language Line we can access 140 languages by phone to
help with translations.
11.  I left an item on the plane - who do I contact?
Items left on a plane will stay with the airline - they are not turned in to Travelers

1.  What public transportation options are there from the airport?
There are two public transportation options.  DART trains come into the airport to a
station in Terminal A.  The station is on the lower level outside security at the north
end of the terminal.  The Dallas bus system, DART, has bus routes that come into
the South Remote Parking lot and the North Remote lot.   From there you can get
anywhere on the DART system in Dallas.  
The other option is the TRE commuter rail.  The TRE (Trinity Railway Express)     
runs east and west between downtown Fort Worth and downtown Dallas.  It makes a
stop at the Centreport station just south of the airport.  You can reach the Centreport
station by taking the South Remote Parking shuttle from any terminal to the South
Remote Lot, and from there take another shuttle to the Centreport station.  Links to
DART and the TRE can be found on the "Links" page of this web site.
2.  Can I greet a passenger at the gate?
Only ticketed passengers may enter the secure areas of the terminal.  Unless
you have a boarding pass to get on a flight, you cannot enter security and meet
someone at the gate.  You will have to wait for them to come to the baggage
claim area.  Likewise, you cannot meet connecting passengers for a meal inside
security.  They would need to exit security, then go through screening again to      
catch their flight.
3.  Where are the rental cars?
All rental cars and rental agency counters are located in a consolidated Rental
Car Center (RAC) facility located at the south end of the airport.  You may ride a
blue rental car shuttle from the lower level of each terminal to the RAC.
4.  Where are the international flights?
All international flights arrive and depart from Terminal D.
5.  How do I find out what gate my flight arrives at?
One option is by checking the flight status option on most airline websites.  The
easiest option is to check the airport website:  You can
reach that site using the "Links" page on this website.
6.  How do I get taxis and shared ride shuttles (i.e. Super Shuttle, City Shuttle and
Yellow Checker Shuttle)?
Taxis and shared ride shuttles are available on the sidewalks outside the
baggage claim areas of each terminal.  Taxi's are in the "yellow" zone and
shared ride shuttles are in the "orange" zone.  You can also call your shared ride
shuttle company from the Visitor Information and Reservation Center boards
in each baggage claim area.  You cannot call them from a courtesy phone.  On
the information center boards, there is a phone and a touch screen monitor in
the center.  Simply touch transportation, then your shuttle company and pick up
the phone and it will dial them for you.  You may follow a similar procedure to
reach your hotel shuttle - touch accommodations, then your hotel, then pick up
the phone and it will dial for you.
7.  Where do I get parking information and what are the rates?
The best source of information about parking options and rates at the airport, is
on the airport website:  You can reach that site using the
"Links" page on this website.
8.  What can I take through the security check points?
The list of items you can and cannot take through security check points varies.
For the most current rules of what is and is not acceptable, please consult the
TSA website:  You can reach that site using the "Links" page on
this website.
9.  How do I find out about concessions at the airport?
There are maps and concession guides inside secure areas of the terminals.  If
you have web access, the easiest way to find this information is through the
airport's website:  You can reach that site using the "Links"
page on this website.
The following are frequently asked questions about Travelers Aid and its services,
and about the airport.  We encourage you to check this page often as new questions
will be added in the future.