Assistance Request Case
The following narrative is
representative of an assistance

We received a call from a social
worker at an area hospital
asking for help in getting a
patient to Poughkeepsie, New
York.  The patient lived in Killeen
and his family was killed in an
auto accident in New York.

We originally became aware of
the situation at the airport after
he began having seizures.  The
social worker said she had
verified the story, and that the
client could pay for part of a bus
ticket.  We were able to provide
bus transportation for the client.

We often work in partnership with
law enforcement agencies, area
hospitals and other social
service agencies to help meet
clients' needs.
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth

Travelers Aid clients are often abuse victims, victims of a crime, people facing an
emergency situation without needed resources, or victims of a weather-related
disaster.  They include single parents, juvenile runaways, members of our military,
seniors, and individuals with physical or emotional challenges.  Many of our clients do
not have access to necessary resources to resolve their situation.  

Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth works efficiently to resolve the emergency needs of
our clients, thus increasing their stability, access to resources and self sufficiency.  
Demand for services does, however, far exceed resources available for assistance.   

You can help our clients become more self sufficient by investing in the programs of
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth.  Your tax deductible donation will provide the financial
resources needed to provide assistance to our clients.  

Donations can be made online or by mail.  You can make a one-time donation, or set
up a recurring donation.  

You may donate in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one.

Restricted Donation Provisions and Procedures
Although we encourage donations to our general assistance operating account, you may
designate your donation to assist a particular client or in response to a specific event (i.e.
hurricane, disaster relief, etc.)   Such restricted donations will be used to provide emergency
assistance consistent with our normal assistance criteria, for that client or in response to the event
specified.  Please note that per our policies, assistance funds are used to cover expenses through
service providers and are not meant to be given directly to the client.  Please also note that donors
making designated restricted donations understand and agree that excess funds remaining after
the assistance has been provided will be held in the restricted account for 18 months, after which
they will be released to the general assistance operating account of Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort
Worth for use for any agency program or need.  

If you would prefer to donate by check,, please send the check payable to
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth to:

Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth
P.O. Box 610042
DFW Airport, Texas 75261

A receipt for your contribution will be sent to your address.

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