Client Intervention
Client Feedback....
..“The compassion, touch, tears,
and attempts to cheer that only a
family member or loved one can
bring to a patient mean so much
in their recovery process.  My
brother and I are both so grateful
that Travelers Aid program made
this possible.”
- J.D., Venus, Texas
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth

The Client Intervention program offers the following services:

  • Crisis Counseling and Intervention
  • Travel Assistance
  • Car Seat Rental
  • Runaway Transfer Supervision
  • SafePlace
  • Translation Services
  • Military Assistance
  • Protective Travel Services
  • Information and Referral
  • Western Union
  • Misc. Services.

Crisis Counseling and Intervention:   Agency caseworkers are available to work with
clients at the airport or referred by outside organizations to provide support and
assistance in times of crisis.  Often all that is needed to relieve a stressful situation is
someone to talk to.

Travel Assistance:   Assistance for travelers or local residents facing a travel related
crisis.  Assistance may  include crisis counseling, bus transportation, food, lodging,
and certain travel related supplies.  Crisis or emergency need criteria must be met.

Child Safety Seat Rental:    Child safety seats are available for rent to passengers.  
Infant and toddler safety seats in addition to booster seats are available.  Texas state
law  now requires all children younger than 8 years old or smaller than 4'9" to be in a
car seat or booster seat.  Child safety seats are rented for $45 with a $10 refundable
deposit upon return of the seat.  Child safety seats are only available for rent to airline
passengers and are not intended for permanent use.  Available at airport locations

Runaway Transfer Supervision:   Agency caseworkers are available to supervise
the transfer of juvenile runaways from one flight to another.  This service provided
through a contract with the Texas Youth Commission (TYC).  Available at airport
locations only.

SafePlace:   The agency acts as a “SafePlace” for young people who are in distress,
trouble, or just need a person to talk to.  Provided in partnership All Church Home for
Children – Fort Worth, Texas.

Translation Services:        Translation services by phone for over 140 languages are
available.  This service provided through the Language Line.  Available at airport
locations only.

Military Assistance:   The agency provides a place for military personnel to rest, etc.  
The agency also serves as a liaison for other emergency travel  needs of military

Protective Travel Services:   Also known as meet and Assist Services.  Agency
caseworkers are available to meet and assist/escort a passenger (i.e. handicapped,
elderly or unescorted minor) from one flight to another.  A fee of $50 per person is
charged for this service for each trip through DFW.  This service is only available
during normal business hours.  Available at airport locations only.

Information and Referral:   Caseworkers are available to interview and counsel
clients to determine their need.  In cases where a client has a need or requests a
service that is outside of the agency’s area of expertise or ability to provide, the
caseworker will refer them to other area human service agencies for assistance.  
Information is available concerning most airport or airline related issues or questions.

Western Union:   Western Union services are available at the airport locations only.  
Clients can send money, receive money, or make payments through Western
Union.  This service is particularly helpful when flights are delayed or cancelled due
to weather or mechanical issues.

Misc. Services:   Additional assistance services available include fax capability,
copier service, Federal Express pick up, etc.  Fees apply for some Services.