About Us
Military Assistance
Travelers Aid is proud to support
the .Military at DFW International
Airport.  Travelers Aid helped with
the R&R program and assists
troops facing travel
emergencies.  Travelers Aid also
helps set up and coordinate the
annual Military Exodus at holiday
Car Seat Rental
Executive Director Bruce
Freeman assists a client renting
a child safety seat.  Infant seats,
toddler seats and booster seats
are available for rent to
passengers arriving at DFW
International Airport..
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth
The Mission of Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is.....

To extend a helping hand to people in need or in crisis related to separation from home,
family, or financial support systems.

The Mission of TRAVELERS AID Dallas/Fort Worth is achieved by:

  •  Providing assistance to families and individuals in crisis or transition,
  •  Providing assistance to families and individuals who are separated from their
     normal support systems,
  •   Increasing the client’s access to resources,
  •   Increasing the client’s self sufficiency.

Terminal E (main office):
Third level, landside, at E15
Phone:  972.973.4420     (3.4420 from an airport courtesy phone)
FAX:   972.973.4425

Airport Office:
Monday - Friday:  8 am - 6 pm
Saturday - Sunday:  9 am - 5 pm
Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit agency located at Dallas/Fort
Worth International Airport.  Formed by representatives of the community, United Way,
and the Community Council, the agency opened in 1974 as Community Services: DFW
Regional Airport, when the new airport began operations.  Initially started to assist
stranded travelers and provide information, the agency added services over the years to
help not only travelers at the airport, but also residents in the surrounding communities
who were facing a travel related crisis.  

Shortly after changing its name to the Airport Assistance Center in the early 1980's, the
agency began the first volunteer information program at DFW International Airport.  The
agency added translation services in response to increasing numbers of international
travelers, and entered into a contract with the Texas Youth Commission to escort juvenile
runaways being transferred through the airport.   The agency provided support for military
personnel travelling through the airport, and provided meet and assist protective escort

Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, the agency provided free food, drinks and toiletries to
those stranded at the airport in addition to helping locate lodging and ground
transportation.  In 2002, the name of the agency was changed to Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort
Worth.  The agency began operating the airport's Lost and Found in 2003, and  opened
its first formal satellite office in 2005 in the new international terminal D.  Later that
summer, Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth was heavily involved in assisting evacuees from
hurricanes Katrina and Rita that were evacuated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   

In 2009, Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth opened its first facility in a ground transportation
center.  A desk was opened at the Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center (ITC)
located in downtown Fort Worth.  From that facility, the agency works in partnership with
Greyhound, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, and the agencies in the Tarrant
County Homeless Coalition.  The agency is proud to work in partnership with other social
service agencies in the DFW area in assisting clients.

Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is proud of its history of assistance to the DFW
International Airport community and surrounding communities, and looks forward to
being the helping hand along the way!

Travelers Aid Dallas/Fort Worth is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  The board
is made up of leaders from the airport community and surrounding communities.  
Current board members and officers are as follows:

Chef Tina Buice
Community Volunteer
Walter Furnace
American Airlines Credit Union
Vice President of Development and Planning:
Trey Pugh
Gifts, Inc.
Immediate Past President:
John Peritore
Enterprise Holdings

Dorothy Perkowsky;   American Airlines
Robert Hightower, DFW International Airport

Shahla Pillai, DFW International Airport

Valerie Riefenstahl, The Alternative Board
Kathy Rodriguez; Southwest Concessions
Todd Stinson; Community Volunteer


An experienced and professional staff of full and part time employees is responsible for
providing services and day to day operations of the agency.  The current staff is as

Executive Director:
Bruce N. Freeman
Director of Finance and Administration:
David Bell
Lost and Found Manager
Elena Troupe
Special Event Manager
Amira "AJ" Freeman

Case Navigator:
Mary Gallaher
Lost and Found Recovery Specialists:
Darius Garner
Andrea Haley
Dalinda Montes